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the Anti-Quake Textures league

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Foofoo said:

I've had it with the browns and the greys and the non anti-aliased mess of pixels. So others who are also sick of this, join me/us. Its time we took back Doom.

*burns effigy of that Quake grate texture*

PS and yes this covers Hexen/Heretic textures as well.

Well I had it with Doom's ugly ass E1 startan textures plastered all over the walls...so go figure farthead.

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If you guys are so freaken obsessed in quake, than get the fuck away from here and join quakeworld. Doomworld is doom's turf not quake's.
Doom is the best video game ever and if i could live in a doom.wad on nomonsters mode, i would because Doom is the best thing ever!
I would love to join Him in killing quake if only i knew how to make textures without crashing the game with it.

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With the exception of Map01 an Map04, this is the only reason to have a quake textures. These are still being worked on, so dont judge.

Like someone said, Quake textures are kinda cool or were, but we got burned out on them, maybe used for a few maps, for bases but dont just use them!! Shit, doom has fucking 256 colors, use them all!!!

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take a few laxatives, take a shit, take a few pictures of the inside of the toilet bowl, convert them into the Doom pallette.

Ta-da! You've got Quake textures.

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