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Wascally Wascal

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This is a Rascal from the Capcom Strider arcade game that I made. It has 21 points of articulation and stands slightly over 3 inches tall:

Screenshots from the game (Sega Genesis version):

Rotating animation:


Accessories close-ups:

Pencil art of a Rascal, colored with GIMP:

More info:


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cool. I'm not that familiar with the genesis version of strider. I played the nes version and it was one of my fave games. obviously the rascal wasn't in there. I like that shot of him riding the atomic chicken.

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The Genesis version is based on the arcade game and is a very good port. The NES version, which I've never played, is completely different from the arcade game--I don't think the NES would have been capable of handling anything approaching the quality of the arcade game which is why Capcom probably chose to restructure it for NES. There's also a (widely hated, non-Capcom developed) sequel on Genesis/Game Gear (Strider Returns) as well as Strider 2 for PSOne.

I was thinking "Hi ho, Atomic Chocobo!" with the Atomic Chicken photo.

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I have vague memories of playin the arcade version. I remember seein it and thinkin "cool, I play this at home!" and was like WTF? when I started playin. I remember dyin quickly.

the NES version is frustratingly fun. it's got crappy collision detection and is pretty hard when you don't know where your goin.

here are some screenshot of the NES version, in all it's 8-bit goodness, if you haven't seen how it looks before:


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One of these days I'll have to check out the NES game. Looking at the screenshots in your link, I can definitely reiterate that the NES version is much different. On the plus side, it does look like it has much deeper/longer gameplay than the arcade version.

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