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My first wad............King Phut

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Hi folks and folkesses, Teddybear here. Been playing Doom now since the first shareware release came out, showing my age now. I've just started my own Doom2 level designs; I say new, what I mean is I borrowed the maps and textures, I'm not confident enough to create my own yet. But hey! everyones got to start somewhere.
I've enclosed some screenshots of work so far. I know it hasn't many objects yet but these shots where taken fron the testing stage with no monsters. I've enclosed some screen shots.

thanx to Malcolm Sailor for the maps, I've added another 20% to them, and authors of mummytex and cwbdoom textures.


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Are you basing these maps on Malcolm's "scraps"? There were some great unfinished maps in there. I remember pondering completing some of them a long time ago.

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