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Shades of Grey; Beta Readers Wanted!

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Hello everyone,

As some of you may know I’ve been working on a fantasy/adventure novel titled Shades of Grey. Though nearly ‘complete’ I am still struggling to get all my ducks in a row and bring the story to the diamond shine I think it can be!

I’m looking for some beta readers to look over the first ten chapters of the manuscript while I finish working on the others. I understand it takes time to read (especially with the holiday season) and would be happy to trade with anyone who would like some critique on their work as well, any genre is fine.

As I’ve stated already, this manuscript isn’t 100%. I’ve gotten it as far as I can get it, now I need some help getting it those three feet over the finish line. :) Below is a general (short) intro to the story and a scene clip from the book , if the style interests you please contact me at any with any of the following methods.

Email: Sirtimberwolf (at) gmail . com

AIM: DoomFoxBlack

Private message on the forums

Please use the headline ‘Shades of Grey Beta Reader’ and I’ll get to you as soon as humanly possible :)

As always, my sincerest thanks for taking the time to consider this and clicking on the link. Here’s hoping all your holiday festivities are safe and merry =)

Intro to Story:

It’s hard for others to say when everything went to hell, but Jonathan Prower remembers, every night of his life. After his parents were killed in a car accident nothing mattered. His sister was too busy fighting the courts for custody, he was too busy hiding from the police. His youth was gone before he had time to live it. Six years later he’s on the verge of dropping out of high school, alone in his mind with no friends. He’s finding it easier to ‘let go’ and even more recently he’s been thinking of suicide.

A chance meeting in a lonely truck stop introduces him to Kathrine Rikes. Through her, Jon re-discovers a trust he had given up, a way to cope with life, and most importantly, a friend. But that one night would change everything.

It becomes apparent to Jon that Kat isn’t all she seems. But when a near fatal attack by mysterious gunmen leads to a police witch hunt, Jon is forced to make a decision. Standing by her means risking everything, but abandoning her would surely mean her death. Using the skills he learned while living on the streets, Jonathan may be well suited to the task, but can he overcome his own insecurity and paranoia or will he stay closed off from the only thing that could save his soul?

Story Clipping:

“Anything else?”
“Yeah, twenty on three.”
“That'll be twenty six even.”
Jon handed the older man the money, glancing at the dark Wagoneer as Kathrine put the gas cap back on. A slight grin crossed his features as he accepted the change. They had missed the sunset but the night could be just as beautiful. . . “Thanks.”
Pushing past the door a stiff breeze swept by, carrying with it the smells of petrol and what might have been old tires. A bright red car sat at the other pump, it's sleek frame and wide body coming to recognition even before he found the markings 'Monte Carlo SS'.

The short woman leaning against the car’s door couldn't have been more than five foot tall but she was built in such a way that almost made Jon a little jealous. Her muscled arms were crossed over her skin tight black t-shirt, her raven black hair made her pale skin stand out that much more, even under the halogen lights she looked every part the Goth. Only when she glanced back to regard him did he fully see the extremely baggy pants that hung limp over her thick soled boots. They easily matched the mirrored sunglasses which covered her sharp cheek bones.

She might have been cute, pretty if not for her overbearing posture and stance. Who did she have to impress? The woman’s head turned just slightly as he slipped out but returned to the patch of darkness that had interested her before.

“Here ya go.” Jon handed off the foil wrapped food before digging in to the plastic bag.
“Thanks.” Kat managed around a bite.
“Yeah.” He smiled as he pulled a bottle of root beer to his mouth. Motion caught in his peripheral vision, a door opening and closing on a truck that had been parked along side of the building. “Want some?”
She took another, larger, bite. “No thanks.”
“Good?” He chuckled softly.

“Lunch.” Kat finished off the hot dog before grabbing the other. “Dinner.”
He laughed a little, jumping when he caught another motion from the right side. The older man right outside the window grinned softly, his almost gentle features bringing faint memories of Jon's father; at some point it had occurred to him to smile back, right before he looked down at the boxy handgun the man was aiming directly at him.

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fraggle said:
Jonathan Prower?

And Katarhyne Stone!

(Anyway, I've moved it to the fan fics section.)

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