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bryant robinson

Some Updates from Team Demise's Gunrock

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Sorry I haven't been posting lately or updating my site, but I recently made some changes to all of the screenshots. The old ones seemed too dark and blurry to see on most non LCD monitors. These new shots were taken with adobe photoshop with auto contrast correction so they are now much more viewable. Lastly I uploaded this wad I talked about in my last update is that of 'Project Slipgate: The Special Edition. This version fixes some errors that came about in the new zdoom versions. Also there is some detail enhancements here and there. Its nothing spectacular though. You can download it off the site or get it here: http://files.filefront.com//;6365387;;/

It works with zdoom, but even looks better with GZdoom and the lights wad. Any feedback is always welcome!

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