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Gameplay bug in vanilla Doom that I never knew anything about

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It happened to me in vanilla Ultimate Doom (1), under Windows 98, inside E4M2: Perfect Hatred, after I picked the chainsaw.

I was bombarding the spectres and the barons with plasma. I was fighting a baron when I picked the chainsaw, when I had some plasma bullets left. I believe I switched quickly to plasma, then I fired the last plasma shots.

Now the oddity. My plasma dropped to 0. Now, whichever weapon I chose, including the chainsaw, it was switching me back to the empty plasma gun. It wasn't even waiting for me to press control, it was switching instantly. Pressing control with the empty plasmagun wouldn't have helped.

I should better reproduce this bug and see what happens after I pick some ammo for the offended weapon (my character died that time).

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fraggle said:

It's more likely that the '6' key on your keyboard is broken somehow.

fraggle please impliment "broken 6 key" compatability into chocodoom asap thx.

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This happens to me when I accidentally hit the windows key while playing. The screen switches to windows desktop with the start menu opened. And when I restore the game screen, the key that I was pressing at the moment of switching seems to be "stuck". I just press that key again (in your case, 6), and if that doesn't help, press the windows key again, and again several times. After that everything's fine.

Of course, this may not be your case, maybe your key is actually stuck.

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No problem, this often happens while running vanilla Doom under a system higher than Win98 (or in this particular case, because of "snazzy" keyboard). But this usually happens on movement keys - I had no idea that 6 could ever get stuck "down". Besides, it made Doom act nasty like it were Beta.

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