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Feature request

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Haven't posted here for a while...
Well, I think it would be a good idea that, as well as being able to only show things of a certain type, that you can show things with a particular tag as well.
I say this because in one of my wads, there was a problem with a spawn line in that every time you went over the line the monsters would spawn, even though it wasn't flagged 'Repeatable Action'. This stumped me for a long time until I realised I had accidentally given another monster the same tag number as the spawn point. Resetting its tag didn't fix it, though, and eventually I found a whole heap of monsters around the map that I had unwittingly tagged with the same number.
Also, I think this was why my arachnotrons were spawning in very weird places - I don't think my source port could cope with spawning right on top of another monster in that manner.
However, this sort of problem would be a whole lot easier to spot and solve if we had an option to only view things with a particular tag. Also, someone might have too many points with the same tag, and might want to delete a few. Only viewing those points with that particular tag would be a great help.

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