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Mr. Imp

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after a long time i m back...bringing you: Mr. Imp

behold his beauty...and spikeyness :p

the pic is supposed to be a chrismaspresent for my best friend... i hope he likes it.

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thanks everyone :}

and for the penis : ... uhm...i am thinking about something witty to say... but i am to tired right now ;p

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Nice rendition of the Imp; I hope your friend appreciates the gift. You've given him a bit too many spikes in my opinion, but it's your interpretation.

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I hope your friend appreciates the gift.

i hope so too...but i think that he will. he loves doom and everything related to it :3 ...and he totally fell in love with the caco i drew some month ago.

and for the spikes:
i wanted the imp too look a little more chaotic. so i added all the little spikes.
the pixelimp allows alot of freedom for adding small things like that, which theoretically "really could be there", but can't be seen ingame because of the rough pixels...if you know what i mean... ;}

but everyone to his taste,thats right...

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baronofhell said:

For some reason, he seems like the imp that got picked on by all the other imps.

hehe...and because of that he needs all the love you guys can give him *G


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Yeah, unfortunately in real life, people who get picked on and walked on by people, don't get any real love, just pity and sympathy. One must fight back and demand respect, that's when the real love comes. But yeah, uh, nice drawing.

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