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bob the hellspawn

The Archives are Doomed wads

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For those who are familiar with The Archives are Doomed, does anybody know the links to the actual wads "screwed with" in the mod? Its either that, or TAAD features the actual wads.

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Here they are:

The sky may be - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=8079

Wow - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=9955
(I am making a 32 level sequel to this wad myself, check the "Worst wads" thread if you don't believe me.)

Xaser's Shitwads series - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12377

Deathzor Online - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=14104

Runaway train (Gold edition only) - http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11111
(A good level didn't see whats wrong with it.)

The rest are just levels that parody common wads that come on to doomworld.

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Map04 looks like a parody of Hell Revealed Map24?
Map05 wow.wad
Map06 looks like a parody of excorpse.wad
Map08 might be The Community is Dying
Map10 Imp Encounter
Map12 How to hide or whatever that Monty Python WAD is called
Map15 The Sky May Be
Map16 Congestion 1024
Map18 do-it.wad maybe?
Map19 dwforums.wad

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Actually map 19 was making a parody of untitled.wad, he parodied all of his old wads in it. He also made a parody of "hell revealed style maps" and "Community projects".

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deleted original post...

I'll play it through again and give my input. I don't know a lot of wads, but I will try.

Edit: ok here's my list of what I know. My data is based off of the new tardgold.wad

Map01: 1994 wad.
Map02: 1994 wad. (maybe one that is more specific, I don't know.)
Map03: Some crap wad. I really don't know.
Map04: Those hard wads that involved too many monsters than it needed to (hr2final.wad or eaxt.wad)
Map05: No question: wow.wad
Map06: Community wads that do not follow a specific theme. (cannot think of any wads off hand :( ).
Map07: No idea. Something about a head fetish, though.
Map08: do-tims.wad no question.
Map09: Nazi-themed maps that are in german only (obviously).
Map10: Imp Encounter: SE (someone tell me the wad name)
Map11: Xaser's SHiTWADS (swads_x.wad I believe is the first one)
Map12: Parody of "how not to be seen", but of another Monty Python sketch. (HNTBS.wad)
Map13: Not exactly sure, but it could be a representation of those maps that eventually spell out a word, or show a picture. I am think of a wad that I played a long time ago that eventually showed a picture of a doom guy getting hit with a fireball or something that was very intrically drawn, like an artwork.
Map14: Xaser's Lost Soulsphere. (lslsp_gd.wad)
Map15: The Sky May Be (SKYMAYBE.wad, comes in a .bat or .exe file pack)
Map16: Congestion 1024 (1024.wad)
Map17: W0257 #U8!!! Xaser's "worst hub ever". (worsthub.wad)
Map18: Schooled Doom? I dunno, it's Columbine that's all I know.
Map19: A parody of a parody of a parody, dwforums.wad which was a parody of, well, the doomworld forums. Then dwforums.wad was made into a parody by Wills called untitled.wad, then he parodys himself by making a parody of untitled.wad in his own map set. It's a complicated matter.
Map20: Runaway train (as mentioned above NJTRAIN.WAD)...
Map21: I'm guessing a wad designed to be like Dead Simple... but I don't know, because it's not like Dead Simple at all. (could be simple.wad or 2simple.wad I really don't know)
Map22: A wrap up of a lot of wads. Congestion 1024 is in there... I dunno.

I thought he had a parody of the Gothic99.wad, but I guess it was taken out of the Gold Version, or am I think of a different wad?

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