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Sabbat Martyr Deathmatch (for Skulltag 97b)

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Hello! I suppose this thread will serve a dual purpose as this is the first time I've posted here, and I'm heading up a deathmatch wad for Skulltag! So I thought it would be appropriate to post a thread over here, just in case anyone is interested in it.

Anyways, just a little bit about me; I've been playing Doom ever since it came out, though I didn't start mapping until about 5 years ago. However, I've only been part of the community for about 6 months now...so my exposure to mapping techniques and other wads has been very limited up until now.

Now, onto the project...I'll post up a couple of links first:

SMDM Main Progress Thread @ Skulltag forums
WIP Page (which probably needs to be updated **)

Sabbat Martyr is a deathmatch-based, community megawad (similar to Community Chest or NDCP) that was started late in July 2006. Originally it was going to be a personal project of mine...10 or so deatmatch maps all fabricated and tested by myself. However, as I was progressing through the first map, I decided that it would be pretty cool if I turned it into a community project...and so that what I did!

As with any community-based project, each map differs slightly in gameplay, theme, and decoration level. As far as maps go, there are 42 in total, all of which support some sort of FFA. However, some maps function very well with certain deathmatch variants, such as LMS, Dueling, etc.

Besides the maps, there have also been many other things added to the project (mostly special effects stuff). The team has come up with new sound effects for just about every weapon. We've also done some weapon recolors (including the Skulltag-specific weapons), added new skins/bots, new graphics/font, added terrain definitions for liquid flats, added a new color palette, and many other major and minor things. We're also in the process of making two new weapons based off of Q3TA; the Nailgun and the Prox Launcher (which will be playable with the release of 97b with its ability to support DECORATE weapons).

As far as progress is concerned, I'm estimating that we're about 85% complete. I have released 4 private testing betas...I released 3.1 a couple of days ago, and its being tested now. So far the project is looking pretty good, thought we have [I think] 5 more maps that need to be completed and a few more that requite updates.

Eh, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to post up a few screenies along with the map list ^_^

Current Map List
Rozencratz (Mechadon)
Hang 'em High (v0.2) (Mechadon)
Pyrethrum II (Mechadon)
Cold Fusion (Mechadon)
Titanium Tide 1024 (Mechadon)
Speed of Hell (Mechadon)
Belphegor's FFA (Mechadon)
At The Sabbath (The DOS Guy)
Martyr Courtyard (The DOS Guy)
Toxicold (The DOS Guy)
The Motherland (The DOS Guy)
Van Dusen's Lair (The DOS Guy)
E1M1337 (The DOS Guy)
(Un-named) (DOS Guy)
The Edge of Existance (doom_kid)
Fortress of Doomkid (doom_kid)
Box Nation (doom_kid)
Construction Zone (doom_kid)
Fan-tastic (doom_kid)
Liquid Metal (Jimmy91)
Damage Control (Jimmy91)
Doom II Arena (Jimmy91)
Ad Infinitum (Jimmy91)
The Core (Mastan)
Destination Teleportation (Mastan)
Enter The Void (Mastan)
Ruined Temple (Mastan)
Bridge Mayhem (Siliconwolf)
Strafe Unit (Siliconwolf)
The Impregnable Domain (Siliconwolf)
Digging Up The Corpses (Lord-Belial)
Heaven Torn Asunder (Lord-Belial)
The Hypostyle (theshooter7)
The Forgotten Ruins (theshooter7)
Spaceship Cargo Platform (StrikerMan780)
Altar of Death (Strikerman780)
Gunznbludd (FoilChewer)
Area 69 (FoilChewer)
Heavy Metal (Dread)
Neon City (Rabbit lord)
The Killing Fields (Blow*Sax)

And here are a few screenshots! (ummm, I'm pretty sure I can post images, right? I was looking for the rules, but I can't find them to see if its allowed. If not, just let me know and I'll remove them ^_^)

"Titanium Tide 1024" by Mechadon

"Heavy Metal" by Dread

"Gunznbludd" by FoilChewer (aka Th0r)

"Liquid Metal" by jimmy91

"Speed of Hell" by Mechadon

I'll be taking some more up-to-date screenshots later on, if you guys would be interested in seeing them ^_^

Anyways, comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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Yup, we have been hard at work over at skulltag. And yes mecha, you can post screenshots.

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Nice shots I like that screen from Th0r his map the best, I see flat misalignments on the "Heavy Metal" and "Liqiud Metal" shots
And "Speed of Hell" use FLOOR7_2 on the ceiling instead of DEM1_5.

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BlackFish said:

Heh DW didn't post an update of Skulltag 97b. :(

They haven't posted about 97c either, despite my attempts to try to get them to. Doomworld is pretty much worthless as a news site.

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Nice shots I like that screen from Th0r his map the best, I see flat misalignments on the "Heavy Metal" and "Liqiud Metal" shots
And "Speed of Hell" use FLOOR7_2 on the ceiling instead of DEM1_5.

Yea, Th0r's map is actually one of the better maps in the project right now ^_^

As for the flat misalignments, I shall look into those and fix them. And I'll also look into change that texture you suggested in Speed Of Hell...thanks for pointing those out!

Anyways, as far as progress goes, this should be released sometime in mid-Janurary. I'm currently waiting on two more maps, the two new weapons, and there are numerous small things in between that need to be addressed.

Again, thanks for the comments guys :D

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Here is an update: We're currently wrapping it up right now. All the maps are in, and we have only 1 of the new weapons awaiting completion. We will still have to go back and fix any Texture issues that appeared when transferring to 0.97b. Here are a few more screenshots of several maps in Beta 3.1 (Which was released amongst the developers. Final Product may change)

"Rozencrats" by Mechadon

"The Edge of Existence" by Doom_Kid

"E1M1337" by The Dos Guy

"Cold Fusion" by Mechadon

"The Impregnable Domain" by SiliconWolf

Thats all for now. The release date should be announced some time soon. :D

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zap610 said:

Sky needs fixing in the third shot.

Yeah, it does. Beta 3.1 was released quite a while ago, so anything in it that is messed up is due to version transfers.

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Thanks for posting the update shooter ^_^

Sky needs fixing in the third shot.

Skulltag's buggy ZDooMGL code is to blame for that...however, in software rendering, it works just fine.

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Ah, sorry about the bump and the double post -_-

Anyways, I just wanted to let anyone here that's interested in the project know that I have set the release date...and it is...

February 10th!!

All that's let to do is fix up some bugs, run our last private testing session, and then make any changes that might crop up from that testing session. Then it'll be release time ^_^

I'm planning on posting up some new screenshots here, as well as the WIP page (which, I think, is posted in this thread...somewhere). So if your interested, be sure to keep an eye out...

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Wow, where did this come from? :P

Looks nice, gotta try it [hopefully] soon.

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Thanks again for the positive comments and feedback guys!

Just incase anyone is still interested in this project, I've released the final beta for private testing. The release date has been moved to the 15th (due to some minor problems...nothing to bad). So, while I'm not doing anything, I'm going to take some more screenshots and post them up for you guys to look at.


Here ya go guys...this is the last batch of screenies:

SMDM05 - "Digging Up The Corpses" by Lord-Belial & Mechadon

SMDM11 - "Pyrethrum II" by Mechadon

SMDM12 - "E1M1337" by The DOS Guy

SMDM15 - "The Core" by Mastan & Mechadon

SMDM19 - "Sorrow Castle" by Siliconwolf

SMDM23 - "Jailhouse" by doom_kid

SMDM27 - "Toxicold" by The DOS Guy

SMDM32 - "Ad Infinitium" by jimmy91

SMDM36 - "Enter the Void" by Mastan

SMDM38 - "Belphegor's FFA" by Mechadon

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Alrighy, we actually had to push the date to an unknown date (I.E. When it's done) because of some extreme errors we found with the Prox Launcher (Negative Frags, Mines not disappearing after explosion, etc.) along with several other tiny tweaks needed with some maps.

Anywho, more screenshots to satisfy you all for now:

"The Forgotten Ruins" by Theshooter7

"Holofernes" by Mechadon

"The Dam" by Sirtimberwolf

"Heaven Torn Asunder" by Mechadon & Lord-Belial

"Sector T7" by Theshooter7

"Doom II Arena" by Jimmy91

"Polished Chrome" by Mastan

Stay tuned! :)

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After 8 months of working, testing, tweaking, and fun...I think its about time to release it! So BEHOLD! I give you SMDM!

Sabbat Martyr DeathMatch! - [14.41 mB]
This is the RB Wad Directory Link!

SMDM Features:
~ 40+ Newschool Deathmatch Maps!
~ Supports any and all Deathmatch-variant game types!
~ 2 New Weapons! They have been thoroughly tested and they should mesh well with the existing Doom and Skulltag weapons.
~ 6 New Skins
~ 19 New bots!
~ A fully functional Campaign, similar to Skulltag's!
~ New sounds, sprites, effects, fonts, and a slew of other enhancements to keep the deathmatching fresh and fun!

Now, download and enjoy :-D

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This wad is awesome! Its been fun testing with you guys, and seeing this wad evolve from so many different forms.

I can't wait to play it on Friday Night Fragfest tomorrow night :D

This is the greatest thing to hit FNF since Friday Night Domination!

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This wad is very detailed and well done, but... I have to say these maps are all very flat.

Just saying.

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Some of them are pretty flat...but I wouldn't go as far to say that all of them are.

But yea, thanks for the comments!

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Bucket said:

This wad is very detailed and well done, but... I have to say these maps are all very flat.

Just saying.

Sounds like someone hasn't seen SMDM25: Hang 'Em High.

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