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Captain Red


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Imperials- A Mod in a Day (Star Wars Jedi Academy)
Doesn't change a whole lot, but still impressive for having been done in 24 hours.

Counter-Strike (Half-Life)
Goes without saying.

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Black Operations
Chemical Existence
Timeline I, II, III
Edge of Darkness
Heart of Evil
They Hunger 1, 2, 3
Assassin Mark 2
Sweet Half-Life
Todesangst, Todesangst 2
The Evil Thing



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Deus Ex:

A side set of missions about Paul Denton set during the main Deus Ex storyline. Well made (although no speech) and fun. Not as open as the actual Deus Ex, but still offers plenty of freedom to compleat your objectives. About a third the length of the Deus Ex singleplayer game.

Burden of 80 Proof
fun mini mod. You'll get thorough it in one sitting, but you'll play it more then once.

Unreal tournament 2004:

Alien Swarm
squad based Aliens inspired top down shooter. Awesome in co-op.

Battlefield 1942:

Desert Combat
If you have Bf 1942 you've probably heard of this mod, but anyway, it's Bf 1942 set in 1990's, and unlike most Bf 1942 mods there are still severs for it. The helicopters are a bitch to fly, and spiteful bitch to land. Still a blast, and in some ways better then Bf 2.

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There needs to be more love for HL's Firearms mod. It's endless fun. Most of the guys who worked on it are now working on World At War for HL2, which needs to HURRY UP AND GET RELEASED. Also, Sven Co-op.

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