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Problems finding Gl Setup

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I'm reinstalling my games and I note that I don't have the Gl setup. The one included in Quake 3 doesn't have drivers for my video card (GeForce Fx 5200).
I looked at glsetup.com but it seems to be just a clone of id Software's site, where I can't find any download for the Gl. I'm doing a google search but I only find broken links. Anybody knows a good place to get the latest Gl version?

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Why do you want GLSetup? It's damn old and outdated (last updated in 2000) and you'll get nothing but problems. Hell, GLSetup may have been the cause of your past problems.

The program was originally made to stop the 3Dfx Voodoo users from whining that their card's stock drivers don't work with q3test.

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