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Shadow Dweller

Zdoom slope question

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can someone plese explain to me how to make slopes? i read tutorials, read old threads, still nothing but more questions and grief.

i found a tutorial, had a lot of info, located here

he mentions these parameters, which are used in doom in hexen format, i think. where do i write these parameters?

i downloaded a couple sample wads that could help. they worked, however when i opened them in the DB editor they looked a messed up.
since i can not provide screenshots now, bear in mind, arbitrary rat's nest of linedefs.

this is what i saw upon opening two slope sample wads and ninjaduel.wad

help please...

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Slopes are confusing to understand at first, but are pretty simple.

If you're in ZDoom-Hexen mode, you have one linedef special. The first argument has to deal with sloping floors, and the second one is for ceilings.
Basically, your line that you put the slope special on should have two sides to it. I don't think you can put this special on a one-sided linedef.
Put 1 for an argument, and it slopes the sector on the front side of the linedef; put 2 and it slopes the sector on the back of the linedef. If the sector is lower than the one behind the linedef, then it slopes upward towards the line. If the sector is higher, it will slope downward. How far it slopes up or down depends on the sector on the opposite side of the linedef that has your slope special.

If you want to slope ceilings, then you use the second argument in the same manner as the first. Leave any of these arguments at 0 to not slope.

If you're working in ZDoom-Doom, then you will have several linedef specials to choose from.

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