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Bug in Batman Doom! What's wrong?

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I'm running vanilla doom 2 with the batman doom tc right? But there's a problem.

Anytime I switch weapons more then three times, no weapon shows up and i can't fire anything! What's happening? Anything wrong am i doing? Is there a way I can uninstall and reinstall batman doom from scratch?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have same problem when using the fist or "chainsaw". This doesn't happen in ports (at least not in Zdoom).
I guess remove and reinstal the mod will not help much, yet you can allways try.

You can send the files to the recyble bin (no complications with the registry), or if you prefer a more conservative option, install Batman DOOM in other folder and try there.

For mods that have a bit more complex installation I suggest creating a new folder just for it, add there the doom2.wad and doom2.exe if are needed, and remove them when finished (unless you need the doom2.wad if it's a modified exe).
Not the most eficient way, yet with this you can keep your doom2 folder as new, also you avoid to make a mess if install many mods with various files each in a same folder.

For normal wads that just run with the -file parameter and don't need nothing special, I recomend unziping them in a folder specialy for them.

Well, I know you didn't asked this but I wanted to write some.

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So how would I run it in zdoom? I mean I have zdoom 2.0.63a and 2.1.7 but i don't know how to run dehacked required maps/tc's in zdoom.

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