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classic doom2 weapon MOD's

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I recently downloaded Freedoom and I don't like the weapons much. Can anyone post a MOD including all the original doom2 weapons? (supershotgun,BFG,plasmagun,etc.) If you can't post that then can anyone at least post a doom2 classic monster MOD? If this is a retarded request then thats because I know little or nothing about WADS's and crap.

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Essentially this could be considered asking for warez - which isn't welcome here. If you have the original WADs you might remove all the new sprites from freedoom.wad and use it with the real doom2.wad. If not you won't find any help here.

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Just take XWE and ripp out all the sprites from the Freedoom wad. Then run it as a PWAD and you're good to go.

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