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flower pig

How long did DOSDoom take?

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I looked through everything I could on Google and DoomWorld... I was just wondering, from when work began to when it was playable and non-buggy, how much time did that take? I ask because I might be involved next year in a similar project, only in going from DOS to Windows XP and Vista...

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DosDoom v0.61 had been released by March 1998, and the source was released in December 1997, so it didn't take very long at all. It only took a month or two for the source code to be cleaned up enough to be considered a "good" port, since by v0.61 DosDoom had moved on to adding new features and stuff.

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Hmmm, thanks. That is very heartening to hear, though I assume it will be more difficult to port from DOS to XP... maybe not though.

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