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MAP11 and MAP12 - Plutonia

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Good Afternoon.

I'm having problems loading these levels using ZDoom (im using the latest version of zDoom as far as i can tell). Is this a known problem?

I've tried loading these same 2 levels through Doom95 which was supplied with the Doom Collectors edition i bought and that works fine. I used the same IWad with zDoom and Doom95. Does anyone else get this problem?

I was thinking maybe i dont have the up to date version of the IWad, is there any way to check?

Thanks for any advice or help!


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Sorry, didnt think to tell you that lol.

Ok if i play through plutonia in ZDoom it all works fine until i get to the end of level 10 and step on the exit pad, the game then shows me the stats for level 10 and crashes to the desktop.

If i try to load straight into level 11 or 12 it just starts zdoom for about a second then crashes to the desktop again without seeing the level.

Any other levels are perfectly fine.

Sorry for not being very descriptive in my 1st post.

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