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Damien_Solta said:

At Doom's Gate (e1m1 uDOOM)
Into Sandy's City (Map 07 DOOM2)
uDOOM's Text Music
The Healer Stalks (Unknown Map)
e1m2 (don't know name)

E1M2's name is The imp song

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TNT 11
TNT 20
TNT 04

(yeah, not ranked)

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1. E1M8 music
2. Doom2 lvl 20 music
3. Doom2 lvl 4 music
4. Doom2 intermission music
5. ultimate doom end music

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E2M3 (Intermission)
TNT Map01

And All of the OCR Dark Side Of Phobos, but that doesn't count.

There is a brilliant Quake-esque Version of E1M1 I'd love to get hold of. It was on a YouTube video of Doom in high(er) definition. Might Have been on Doomsday Engine, but not sure.
I'll try finding it and posting the video up.

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