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Usage of jDoom textures outside Doom?

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Hi, I'm planning on turning my C#-Doom engine into a game of my own rather then a remake of Doom. My question is, is it OK to use the hi-res JDoom resources without a Doom IWAD? I know the textures are based on the ones done by id/Raven, but they look hand-made from scratch. I looked through the readme files for the resource pack but couldn't find any licensing information. Does anyone know if it's OK or if I'd wind up in some legal trouble?

Edit: Planned game is freeware of course.

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What package is that, the jDRP?

In that case, you'd apparently need to make some sort of arrangement with Dani J. His site says the following about the v1.1 alpha (in the About page):

You may NOT use ANY part of the jDRP, either in part or in full, for any purpose other than with jDoom. You may NOT redistribute, repackage or publish any part of the jDRP 1.1 ALPHA, without prior approval from the current jDRP maintainer (Dani J). You may NOT use any part of the jDRP 1.1 Alpha as a base for other work.

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Well if that's the case, maybe it's best to stick with the FreeDoom textures. They're easier to map with anyway.

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