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A little idea for creating post battle scenarios in Zdoom

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I had this in mind from long ago, but just yesterday tried it, perhaps this was used before, most probably, yet I know it isn't common knowledge.

A nice addition for a room that's supposed to be the place where a battle between marines and demons took place is by adding scripted marines (with the proper coloration to look green if you prefer) more or less close to a wall, add some barrels near him, but further from the wall, something like this.

| (Marine) (Barrels) (a few in the same place)

Give the barrel a thing id, and add a line or a script that if activated it "kills" the barrels. With this the marine will die and some blood will be splattered in the wal. The blood marks will be diferent acording to the position of the barrels, and the distance of the marine to the wall (of course if the marine is far from the wall, no blood will be there).

You can add all variants by placing the marine and/or barrels in air (over bridge things), and an extra action to remove the bridge things.

The same can be done with monsters, but doesn't look so good.

You must place the marine and barrels far enough from the player start so he doesn't hear the explosions

To test how this look just run a map, and spawn these things with the console, then do yourself the dirty work.

I guess advanced zdoomers may prefer more technical ways for this, but I only know the very basics about Zdoom editing.

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I like your idea, no problem as far as I can see. Another cool thing to do is to add a hate item in a sector, where you can have barrels etc. Check my camera problem to see another nice addon for some extra support.

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You are REALLY stretching here, and doing something simple in a needlessly complex way. You can place your blood decals directly on the walls. Check the ZDoom wiki for decal information. You can use ACS to do it perhaps somewhat randomly, but it'll still be cleaner.

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