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Game/Sourceport reference table

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I am trying to compile a good reference table that will list the lumps, things/linespecials etc and file types used by every incarnation of Doom / Heretic / Whatever including it's source ports. I am doing this both in the hope that Coders will use it to avoid stepping into each others personal space, and that I will be able to use it to make a decent launcher that will make sense of a Wad file / pk3 / chest of drawers and just launch a game without you having to use any eyeball movement.

So far so good, but I'm stuck on documentation for Edge and Eternity. Edge seems to have it taken offline at the moment, and the Eternity Wiki is incomplete for its own feature additions :(

Can I ask either one of the coders or someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of either port to step in and tell me where to look?

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Eternity has a complete suite of HTML docs that are updated with each release and are distributed in a zip file (the latest copy of these are linked from the EE 3.33.50 RC1 thread in the Eternity forum).

However, I can step you through what some of the files supported by/written by/read by Eternity are:

*.wad: pretty obvious.
*.lmp: A lump, usually (but by no means always) a demo.
*.cfg: config file, naturally.
*.csc: preferred extension for console scripts
*.edf: Eternity Definitions File (EDF)
*.gfs: Game File Script
*.sma: Small script (not used directly by the engine)
*.amx: Small virtual machine binary (compiled script)

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Right now all the EDGE docs are currently being re-written and updated, which is the reason why some of them are off-line at the moment.

However, if you open up the edge.wad that accompanies the gledge.exe, you will see amongst other things the following lumps:
DDFTHING =this contains all the things and their respective numbers
DDFLINE =all the linetypes and numbers
DDFSECT =all the sector types and numbers

The other lumps which begin with DDF* are the other EDGE-specific data needed by the port.

Currently, file types used are .wad, .deh, .scr, .ddf, .ldf, .hwa, and .lmp

If you need any more info I'd be happy to help out.

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Thankyou - I'll use that to help me compile my lists. If I get stuck again, I'll post here. I still have a load of possibly redundant basic info to sift through as well, but I'm aiming for an eagle eye view of everything, so It will take a bit of time.

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