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I've started to work on a megawad called Desolation.

The story follows:

It has gone 2500 years since the events of Doom 1 & Doom 2, Wrath and Paradox. Earth is clean from hellspawn, but to a high cost: Noone can live there for the next 100.000 years.

You are Jacquelin Carter, you are 16 years young and you are living your life attending highschool doing a project about the events surrounding Doom1 and Doom2 on the spacestation revolving around Jupiter when you one night are having the most peculiar vision. By your bed stands a revenant and a vile. You're trying to panic but some sort of field soothes you. The vile says: Don't worry. We need to talk to you.

The vision fades out and you're awake in your room with your mother is sleeping in a nearby room. Did she notice anything? No she's sound asleep. Did the computer notice anything? No nothing unusual registered so far. You goes back to bed and tries to fall asleap again, but you can't. Why did they want to se me? She thinks. No I'm not gonna tell this to my mother. She'd think I'm crazy and most propable put me to a psychologue.

So she falls finaly asleep and awakes 2 hours after the school has started. Her mother is at the work in the reception as usual, Good she thinks as she walks to the school. 10 days later the same vision hits her and when she looks at her table a small device is lying that she hasn't even seen before. She touches it and a weak blueish hologram starts to play...

Your mission is to navigate Jacqueline thru several levels back to earth to meet up with the vile and the revenant. Due to high radiation after the earth bombout 800 years ago you can't stay long.

They tell you something horrific that you can't take any desicion on your own, so you decide to take them with you back to Jupiter...

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I'm not very good at ACS, yet, but I'm trying to expand my knowledge every day. It'll be fit with custom music for each level + maybe some extra sounds.

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