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Ok doomers, here is a wad that most likely has been done in a similar shape before, but hell do I care? No. This is my first chance to test out my capacity with the ACS scripting and Zdoom (doom in hexen) format.

The concept:

2 teams 1 human and 1 hellspawn.

Human team concists of 8 marines with a chaingun each.
Hellspawn team concists of 8 chaingunners.

Who wins? You are the oh so excited crowd now, you can neither be harmed nor harm any of the teams.

It is map01 that you should check out. It restarts every 20th second. Most matches lasts shorter than that. I haven't got the knowledge yet to put in autodetection how many remains in a team to launch the restart more dynamicaly. But that'll be done shortly.

There are some neat features of the level that I'm not gonna tell here, you gotta see it first. There is an error regarding the linedefs that the textures isn't changed, nothing more will I say. Have fun and have a good laugh as some interspecies fighting will acure sometimes.

So what should you do while you can't fight in this wad? Bring home some friends and some beer / soda / whatever you like to drink and guess who's the winning team.


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Outside of learning how to use ACS, I dont really understand the point of this.

Also you should be able to loop through the TIDs for each side and figure out when any particular group is dead in order to restart the map. I havent done ACS in a long while though, so I dont really remember the function/property names.

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Screenshots comming soon...

I figured out how I should do the loop to get the match back ontrack.

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Why would you have a chaingun if you can't harm anyone?

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Optimus-Prime said:

If you are making a WAD where there are two teams, Marines vs. Hellspawn, it is already in progress:


They spelled Apocalypse wrong, and the site is in French. Besides I believe this was just a test for this guy's ACS skills, nothing more.

Vegeta said:

Why would you have a chaingun if you can't harm anyone?

Because of a bug (I don't know what causes it) you can pick up things through walls, if they are close enough.

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This would be pretty neat if:

* Each map had like 10 rounds, and the scripts ketp track of statistics, like how many marines/hellspawn total were left over after all the rounds.

* Each level had a different combination of hellspawn and marines.

* The levels are more refined, pleasing to look at, and had obstacles and sorts to change the outcomes a bit (Doors, walls, etc).

It would be something cool to watch that relied solely on monster AI and the random number generator.

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