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Nimrod map07 help?

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ok, I can't figure out how to open one of the last doors in map7.

I've tried looking with doombuilder, but I still don't know.

The map is big, so I'll just type the linedef wich is 4815, bigdoor4.

I hope someone can help in some way

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but I can't complete the mission.
It's the room with the crate grabberlift I can't get into.
(I just idclip'ed to discover the cratelift)

what I would like to know is how to open that door.

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I made the wad, and I'm telling you. You haven't finished your job.

Spoiler warning-

At the start of the map, you're told to destroy all the boxed marked with "teleporter version 0.0001". Once all the boxes in the map outside of that door are destroyed, Col Mortar will contact you and tell you that he found some more and will clear the entrace for you to get to them. That is the door you're wondering about. There's still atleast one crate somewhere in the map you haven't destroyed.

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