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Map cheat in DOOM3

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Since I want to see what the "hell-merging-with-space" maps look like for reference for something I'm working on, Im trying to bump myself into the maps before the Hell map. I type the cheat as listed, but the console says it can find the map. Lo and behold my map folder is empty, yet the game is able to play.

What can I do?

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The map just before hell (Alpha Labs 4) is accessed by entering "map game/delta4" in the console. What are you trying to enter?

The maps are all contained in the pk4 files so it's not surprising that the maps folder is empty.

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Thanks, that solved the problem. :)

Any specific levels in Doom3 that have a strong representation of hell merging with the Martian base, kind of like The Shores Of Hell in DOOM1?

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