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Scetching on reverb acoustics

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So I've been trying to get started to simulate basic echo effects using the Doom engine. The thing that needs to be done is that once an enemy is making a sound (shooting, grunting, whatever) a soundwave object is sent out in 8 different directions. When that object is hitting a wall then the same sound is played but at a much weaker level then the original depending how far off it has traveled from it's target. It shouldn't be a problem for an experienced ACS dude who knows how to do it. Maybe even me with my limited knowledge can maybe do something with it. Only problem is: How do I detect what sound has been played? I'm afraid that we'd need an object per sound if autodetection isn't possible. What needs to be detected is: The sound, and the pitch of it. Then ofcourse you'd most likely having a hell alocating channels to play the reverb in tense situations with alot of monsters around you etc etc. What do you think about this idea?

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This doesn't sound feasible with ACS. You're probably looking at a very large project here. And is it really worth it? You might actually get it to work and find that it just sounds terrible or out of place. Then it would really not have been worth it.

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The only way I can see this working is creating a new decorate monster to replace each existing monster. Any frame for each thing that can play a sound could (I think) be made to also fire the associated sound projectile. There would have to be a different projectile thing for each sound. Then the reverb object would play the appropriate sound upon its death from colliding with a wall.

Some of this could be avoided if a decorate thing could somehow pass args to a child thing, but I dont know if that's possible.

However I think this will sound terrible because there'd be 8 sounds playing at slightly different times depending on the shape/size of the room. Also Im pretty sure that if a wall is being used to set off the echo sounds, collision with other things will set off the sounds too, including the player. Not to mention that if there's monsters playing sounds in the next room, and you're near a shared wall, you may end up hearing the echoes louder than the originating sounds.

Another possibility might be to have your decorate things play different sounds according to what room they're in (using predefined sector tags). However I think you'd have to loop through every thing in the map to check, if that's even possible at all. It would probably be quite slow.

Also if Im not mistaken, the projectile coords would have to be checked very very often while they're moving. Could also be slow but Im not sure.

I dont think it's a great idea.

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I know, I just had a quick look on how sound travels and I threw this idea together. Most likely it'll sound terrible.

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8-way sound objects huh? Sounds interesting, but it would imply a tremendous CPU load just for sound (imagine each sound played back and mixed 8 times, without counting reverbs of reverbs...).

Games that actually HAVE reverb and positional/geometrical audio effect, seldom use such complex models: they only either apply echo/reverb with a certain parameter, or not.

E.g. a certain room has certain dimensions or the script says so? ....good, then play back any sound effects in that room applying some preset effect e.g. "Reverb with 300 ms delay and 5 ms stereo phasing to the right".

Sometimes, they don't even bother implementing such a "software DSP": they just keep a "normal", "echoed" and "reverbed" version of each sound effect and play back one of them each time depending on level design or scripting (e.g. imagine a Doom sector with a "reverb" tag and maybe a couple of parameters), without any complex calculations or object spawning. Most people wouldn't notice the difference anyway, they'd just say "wow, cool, this map has reverb in tunnels/echo in canyons!", you think they'd care whether the echo/reverb was precalculated or generated real-time by an accurate simulation model?

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