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Doomsday 1.9.0-beta5 Released

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Now that 1.9.0-beta5 is out and my exams are over (for now) I can get on with preparing the next version of jDRP. I think it should be ready for release in two, to three weeks.

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i've just installed it. i can run the snowberry launcher, set the path to all iwads within the jdoom folder, but when i klick on "play", the launcher just quits without any error message.

previous doomsday versions (1.8.x) ran fine, even with my old nvidia drivers. installing the newest drivers didn't help, they only made the old box slower (athlon 1400, geforce 3 ti500, winxp)

any idea? any info needed? help would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems you are experiencing the same issue which some have reported about Doomsday 1.9.0-beta5.1 not launching correctly. It doesn't seem to affect everyone but we are investigating the problem currently. It will be fixed for the beta6 release.

For now, I would suggest you use the previous, Doomsday 1.9.0-beta5 release.

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I donwloaded the last Doomsday version.
I downloaded a jdoom-resource-pack-1.01.zip, i think it contains 3d models for the monsters; unluckly the SnowBerry didn't install this add-on.

I tried putting the files in the zip in the /auto directories, doomsday seems to upload them, but 3d models are not displayed, although or setting are OK for 3d models.

What should i do in order to have 3D models with this last version of Doomsday ?


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