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Hokuto no Doom - Substitute end background of episode 1

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Hi everyone,

I almost solve my main issues, but one stay active :

How could I change the called texture (actually FLOOR4_8) from end screen of episode one...

I don't want to substitute the graphic of FLOOR4_8 (this is not a problem), but I'd like that the game displays another one (i.e. TITLEPIC) to make some kind of cool end screen in background...

Is this info stored in the WAD file ?
Or this info is in the D___.EXE of the game ?...

Any utility to process ?...

Many many thanks for support...

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You could do it with DeHackEd, although some engines have shitty support for the text string replacement function, and it might not show up on them. It'll work fine in Chocolate Doom, at least. For some engines a MAPINFO lump might help.

A workaround would be to replace it, but to include the original flat with a different name in the wad, that you could use normally.

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Unfortunaly dehacked doesn't agree changes on the shareware original WAD... (I try to stay close to the original and also for packing size reasons, I stay on 1.9 Shareware WAD)

Any other tool to advise, I pickep up XWE and DeepSea...
XWE didn't... does DeepSea or any other do it ?...

Waiting for replies.
Thx for support.

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