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Teh Pimpsted Skulltag maps experiments!!! WOOHOO

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To be honest, it's really not that good. I can see that the first map is somewhat D2DUEL1 (or whatever it was) inspired, which is certainly not a bad thing, but the map is lacking in many aspects. First of all, you've got textures from different themes in the same map. GSTONE and that fuzzy brain texture don't fit well with E1. The mspaint texture seems pointless, if you ask me; even if it is a joke, it does nothing positive for the map. The misaligned white STAR texture looks unappealing too.

I would also say that some of the flats you've chosen don't look very good either. I personally think that the white flat you have on the ceiling and the floor inside looks very plain and ugly; something like CEIL5_2 on the ceiling and FLOOR5_1 on the floor would look much nicer.

The layout doesn't seem good either. I'd make it bigger, if I were you. Currently, it looks like it wouldn't be any fun at all. :\

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