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Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

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Sometimes I playback demos on vanilla engine, I like that! heh. Even if you recorded demo with fps more than the original 35 on your favorite port - I don't think, this should affect more smooth playback on vanilla/35 fps engines, are you sure about this? I did not mean that you use any special parameters in your port for recording, but I meant - that you specially move your mouse smoother, but I was wrong, ok

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My favorite form h2nx1438 - it's E2M5, you found such an unusual and crazy route here that I just don't recognize this map when I watch this demo! 2:35 until the next D'sparil respawn on E3M8 - this is rare, it's good that you are lucky here and managed to finish this movie completely. E3 has 61 secrets in total! never paid attention.

If you are planning E5, then I think you can not include E5M8, because this map not have secrets and repeat h5n8-643 can be very difficult, at the end of the movie.

Thanks for the long/crazy/nightmare movies!

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Nomo - very clean, speed - very fast, max - hm... Mikolah made the highest whirlwind-jump I've seen, kmc made 600 attempts (I noticed that Iron Lich from E3M1 died, he was very old for such intense action).
Thanks for the good demos guys and happy birthday Heretic!

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@PVS You may or may not know, but the modern Compet-N (With CNDoom) will cease to exist in July. @Gibbon has created a new port and archive: SRCD-Doom and Archive.


However, less known is that Doom.hr also hosted Heretic-N (And you made demos for it) and likely will cease to exist aswell in July, which would be a sad continuation of affairs.


So i have noted this to Gibbon who is looking into the matter to get these hosted. Since some of your demos are also on there, why not have Heretic-N be hosted at SRCD? Heck, why not also your Hexen demos as Hexen-N?


But most importantly, similar to DSDA-Archive (And perhaps the DSDA-Archive should host them aswell), to provide a hosting place for all the demo-focused Heretic/Hexen ports (Such as CHexen/CHeretic, your Special Editions, Smart Heretic, VVHeretic, WHeretic..)


PS: I know Heretic-N disallows anything except Vanilla Heretic and VVHeretic, so what i am suggesting here goes beyond just Heretic-N really.

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My late reply. It's always sad when something comes to the end, to tell the truth - I didn't follow that site with Doom Compet-N, but I kind of was sure that it was all right and active, but it turned out that he wasn't. I also didn’t know that in recent years on Compet-N site there is a copy of the Heretic-N base, and thanks guys for keeping it available.

Heretic-N also ended a few years ago, because there is no separate base for it. The last Heretic-N archive was supported by JCD, if I remember correctly, it is somewhere from 2014 to 2017, and him database was a little newer than on current Compet-N site. In my opinion, Heretic-N should be left in memory in this form, recording according to those rules - only Vanilla and vvHeretic, any source ports (even DOS ports) are not allowed.

All my public speedruns are recorded on source port, so they can't refer to Heretic-N base. If somewhere it is indicated that my demo is vanilla, then this is just a mistake, because in all my txt files I indicate - what demo is recorded on port.

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