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Your first full dehacked project on monsters and weapons

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Mine was initially for ZDoom v1.22 but I also made a version for MBF:

Former Human --> Shotgun Guard (indigo marine, player pain & death, sgcock action)

They had 50 hit points, moved a bit faster (10/3) and fired a shotgun a bit faster than the original troopers. Their MBF variants also were making footstep sounds, which were slowing them down a bit. Later versions were dropping the correct ammunition (shotgun).

Former Human Sergeant --> Grenade Thrower (earlier on ZDoom & MBF) or Machinegunner (later on ZDoom) (indigo marine, player pain & death)

Same as above, but a bit slower (9/3) and with different guns. The Grenademen were shooting bouncing rockets (available on both ports, slower than from shotgunners), becoming real deadly at close range but suicidal farther on. The Machinegunner variant was more balanced, only attacking with a machinegun similar in sound and fire rate with player's chaingun, with similar timing to Shotgunner's fire. They also were dropping the proper ammo (clips), not shotguns (also, they never were dropping rockets)

Imp --> Lavaman (red marines, mancubus pain, skldth death, firsht action)

My favourites. They had 75 hit points but were a bit slow (8/3.5). Their attacks consisted of blowing huge blobs of fire, akin to mancubi's first and second rounds. Also if you stayed too close to them, you could get burnt, because of a "bite" pointer on one of their walk frames. And when they dying, their were exploding. Their reaction time was set to 1 and they had the "in pain" bit set, becoming the happiest to fire on you on sight. All in all, a balanced set, because of their boom deaths.

Heavy Weapon Dude --> Elite Gunman (same looks & sounds)

They had 120 hit points. On ZDoom, they were shooting railguns. On MBF, they were firing mushroom-exploding plasma balls. Whichever case, they were pretty damn dangerous.

Demon --> Bull Monster (same looks & sounds)

Just as an ordinary demon, but 1.5 times faster.

Lost Soul --> Young Bull Monster (demon looks & sounds)

Same as above, but a bit weaker (100 HP) and with the ability to charge continuously (ie you have to keep out of sight to make it stop)

Spectre --> Bull Mother (same looks but w/ p.e. pain sound)

A bit slower than the Bull Monster but healthier (200 HP) and with the ability to spawn Young Bull Monsters, as the p.e. does. Also can bite. I really hope I can remake this 'project' and give Bull Mothers the requirement to copulate in order to make YBMs (yeah, can it be done?)

Revenant --> Sentry Carcass (same looks, rev action sound on pain, swtchx on action)

They belong to a sect of 'carcasses', those who were shooting and those who were punching. These were shooting revenant fireballs just like the revenants. They were a bit slower (8/2), lacked a punch attack and their health stayed the same (300).

Mancubus --> Marauding Carcass (revenant looks, rev action sound on sight, rev alert scream on pain, stnmov on action, rev sound on death)

The melee class. 800 HP, very fast (16/2 or more) and doing 3 punch attacks at a fast rate (maybe not 3).

Pain Elemental --> Demondragon Elementalbeast (same looks & sounds)

Like their original, they are to shoot lost soul-thing (which are Young Bull Monsters), but also have the ability to scorch the player at melee range with spread Mancubus fireballs, hence "demondragons".

Cacodemon --> same thing but with 8-damage arachnotron plasma

Hell Knight --> same thing but with 8-damage arachnotron plasma

Arachnotron --> Sniper Bot (same looks and sounds)

Instead of firing barrages of plasma, they are sniping the player with 20-damage archvile attacks, once a round.

Archvile --> Ungodly Bishop (ZDoom); Lava Lieutenant (MBF)

They were functioning differently. The UB had a bit more health, a bit more abilities (like levitating), were reflective and making boss-brain sounds. The LL was more ordinarily working, but instead of flaming the player up, their work was summoning Lavamen, through red baronplasma. They were working fine.

Baron of Hell --> same but with 8-damage arachnotron plasma

Spider Master Mind --> Overlord Walker (same looks, pstop pain sounds, pstart action sounds)

The miniboss(es) in my supposed mod, meant to have 10000 HP and three attacks. It was to attack with a railgun or mushroom-arach-plasma (periodically), double snipe attack (40 damage with jump as prelude) and super-duper-chaingun (three-four times as fast as original as automated).

Cyberdemon --> The Right Hand (same looks though I wanted to import some Shambler or Armagon picks to make it unique; bigbrain sight, pain, action and death sounds)

It was meant to be the MAP30 boss, just before the player would face the actual villain, within the storyline (or who knows...) It had 15000 HP or more (immune to a telefrag?) and also three attacks: bouncing rocket (ZDoom) or Lavaman summon (MBF) periodically, BFG9000 strike (as prelude) and 8-damage-arachplasma continuous fire. The ZDoom version was also Reflective. Besides, neither was bleeding. It was more powerful than the Walker and quite impressive. Two Right Hands could fight each other due to their BFGs.

The only weapons changed were probably the fist (I don't remember to what was it changed), the RL (the rockets were modified to bounce; also to be touchy in MBF), the PG (in ZDOOM, to the railgun) or the BFG (in MBF, to the Christmas type BFG).

There was also a changed item: the berserk pack. Instead of enhancing the fist (which doesn't exist anymore), it equips you with various equipment (eg parachuting). Called the equipment pack and lacking the health cross.

What Dehacked patches has anyone else done, which replaced the monsters and weapons?

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I did one in 1995 for Ultimate Doom v1.9 using Dehacked and I lost it completely. It was so cool :( (and the weapons felt like a precursor to Action Doom, the pistol shot strong green plasma projectiles with the red player color flag on it)

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I did some interesting stuff for my "Insanity Please" wad for Legacy back in the day...

Former human - A bit faster and about 5 points stronger, looks like a blue shinra soldier. Head (caco fireball) flies off when gibbed

Shotgun guy - A red shinra soldier, 10 points stronger and a bit faster

Imp - A dog, uses the demon bite attack and has 10 health

Demon - Shinra soldier with a sword, same strength as former human

Chaingunner - Mighty grunt from the shinra tower in FF7, 250 health points

Mancubus - Magitek Armour from FF6, taller and with 1000 health points

Lost Soul - Explodes when it sees the player (used for 'scripted sequences' where things explode and to damage the player)

Pain elemental - Flamethrower tank, shot the barrel explosions out while they where exploding, so could be dangerous, they could also 'bounce off' walls. And it shot three of them when it exploded

Revenant - Tougher Magitek armour with 2000 health

Cacodemon - Helicopter, 1000 health, shoots baron fireballs (looked like missiles) and explodes at the end of it's death sequence

Archvile - Healer, lacked the flame attack and could bring dead enemies back to life, looked like a mine. Explodes when it dies because the archvile death frames crash legacy if you have edited the blood

Hellknight - Turret, 750 health and shot 'chemical missiles', which where the baron fireballs

Baron - "Unknown 10" a shinra experiment gone wrong which looked like a Duke Nukem monster, had 2000 health and shot chemical missiles

Arachnotron - 750 health, smaller and faster, but same weapon. looked like something from strife

Spider mastermind - A tank, very slow but 7000 health, unchanged attack

Cyberdemon - Another tank, also slow but 10000 health, unchanged attack but was considering giving it 'super missles' which spawn three explosions


Chainsaw - sword, used scuba steves lightsaber dehacked code

Pistol - uzi, firing rate of chaingun

Shotgun & SSG - unchanged except for graphics and sounds

Chaingun - twin guns from the mighty grunt, stupidly fast

RL - Unchanged

Plasma gun - Scuba steve's flamethower code

BFG - Super missiles, the ball did 800 damage and had the pain elemental death frames, so it spawned three barrel explosions that flew around (usually back at the player, making it long range only)

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I did a 1-level TC back in '95 or '96. Changed most everything, but to what, I forget. It was heavily Alchemy-based, I can say that much. Anyway, for some reason, parts of the DEH patch wouldn't load properly unless I saved the EXE, so I couldn't even distribute it without distributing the full hacked EXE. To my knowledge this never got fixed, though it should be easy to recreate the things properly for a modern port. What did piss me off is when I privately released it to the Millennium team as a sort of inspiration when we hit a slow point, then a few months later I found like a third of the stuff in Tei Tenga without any thanks note or credit.

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Heh, i just made a fun weapon. My Insanity Please wad turns the lost souls into sudden explosions when they look at you, which made the Pain elemental into a "flamethrower tank", which is deadly when it explodes. I wondered what would happen if i put the pain elemental death codepointer onto the end of the barrel explosion, the result? a doomsday weapon! I made the rocket's death frame the pain elemental death, fired it on Map 12 and ran, i had an endless line of explosions chasing me around the level, i was just outrunning them but they where going around 'both ways' and i ran into a wall of fireballs. I also tried it on Map 30, which was amusing (but as the pain elemental death doesnt have its own splash damage its impossible to win). Also the Cybderdemon/Spider Mastermind room on Map 20 lags the hell out of the game. For some reason in Legacy this also produces loads of blood pools which slowly float to the ceiling, it looks funny before it crashes

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Only one I did that comes to mind was this SmashTV-esque wad where I made all the weapons over-the-top and all the monsters totally weird. Nothing worth mentioning except the siamese twin gattling guns that fired super fast and the VCR Remote of Doom which would turn the game off and boot you back to windows. And the last boss was pretty sweet (S&M chick in a giant robot).

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The unreleased embarresment known only as Chaotic Stone. It was basically just a wad full of sprite and graphic replacements, mostly crap with a few good.

Former human- stick figure soldier

Former Sargeant- Shadow the Hedgehog (pretty random huh?, these sprites were actually pretty good though, might release it sometime I can get Whacked2 to work again, cuz there aren't enough sonic themed wads on the archive anyway.)

Chaingun- Neglan soldier, from my old comic website.

Arch-Vile- Dark Lupin (Lupin is a character I created a long time ago, which I based the beginning of my username off of)

Revenant- Lupin (Yep thats him)

Hell Knight- Dark Marble Man (From the old comic site)

Hell Baron- Marble Man (Also from the old comic site)

Cyberdemon- Lagaroth, (a character created around the same time when I created lupin. )

Spider Mastermind- Dark Pearl, (character from the old site again)

Baphomet- Chaotix, the main enemy.

Romero head- Shadow, the controller of the "mini shadows" which replace the shotgun sarges. Retarded Story line.

Soulsphere- Blue Chatic Stone, basically just a sprite replacement

Invulnerability- Yellow Chaotic Stone

Berserk- Red Chaotic Stone

Invisibility- Green Chaotic Stone

Megasphere- Purple Chaotic Stone

The rest were supposed to belong to Chaotix, but of course, this was just an excuse because I didnt have enough power ups to replace with stones. Heh, middle school = funny times.

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