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New util: C#4rp Doom Launcher

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Having been bored, I decided to do something about the situation and create as easy and fast to use Doom Launcher as possible. Thus came C#4rp Doom Launcher (or CDL) to life.

link: http://www.cheeseportal.net/modules.php?name=programsindex

CDL is basically just like many other Doom launchers, but it has a few prominent features such as automatically searching given wad folders for files of interest (.wads, .dehs, .lmps and .zips) and adding them to lists for faster selection compared to using file dialogs like in many other launchers. CDL also separates IWADs from the found wad files and adds them to a list of their own and for ports which can not use .zip files on their own, it extracts the contents of the zip to a temporary folder for the duration of playing.

All of the checked .wads are run with -file commandline arg, .dehs with -deh and .lmps with -playdemo. If the selected port supports zips, the zips are added to -file, if not the files included in the zip are used per their file type.

CDL requires .NET Framework 2.0 to run.

Comments, feature requests, etc. are welcome. The only known "bug" is that if the given data directory paths include spaces, the files in those just won't work.

EDIT: And a screenshot: http://www.cheeseportal.net/images/programs/CDL.png

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I tried it, and I must say it's the only Doom frontend I'm keeping in my HD except for ZDL: it's practically as lightweight and easy to setup, and it has far superior handling of large mixed WAD/ZIP/DEH/LMP collections, like mine.

If perhaps some extra sorting modes are added (e.g. by date) then it will be totally uber, allowing for most recent newstuff to appear at the top without that browse-menu fiddling.

IMHO it's a good, solid Doom and source port frontend. Considering how few really good Doom frontends are left today, this one well deserves its (tiny) HD space.

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Warlin said:

Bleh i have too many ports as is.

Have you read the first post? The dude has made a Doom Launcher or a Doom frontend if you prefer, exactly to help people manage multiple ports and wads.

Considering how there are maybe 2-3 other doom frontends nowadays, and most of them not as solid, you shouldn't ruin the thread like that.

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The only pronunciation of the title that I can hear in my head is "See Pound Four Urp Doom Launcher."

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