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The Year in Television

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I have to agree with his choice of Nancy Grace being the worst moment on TV. That women is nothing more than a shrieking harpy.

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Hey, even Life On Mars got on there, though if you ask me it was the best thing of 2006, jointly tied with Doctor Who. Of course the writer is probably talking about what was actually the 2005 series...

Apparently Life On Mars had to be shortened in the US though (i imagine BBC America has ads, as there is no licence fee there), i hear a running gag in one episode was cut in half (Near the start they are having a Grand National sweepstake, and Gene pulls out Red Rum, a very famous racehorse in Britian, Sam wants to swap with him, because he's from 2006 and knows Red Rum is going to win, even though he was 4 in 1973. Later they raid a hippie's house and find some stolen TV's, Sam tells the landlord of thier pub to put one up in the corner, which he is a little confused by. And then later on they are watching the race in the pub and Red Rum wins, causing Gene to wonder if Sam has some 'insider information') anyway, apparently a bit of that was cut out, which made it very confusing. Well that and Americans may not so easily know that Red Rum is going to win anyway, though would get Sam's reference to The Shining, which wasn't out then **

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I saw a 'lonelygirl15' video once. Two minutes later, when I realized that she wasn't breaking out the studded dildo any time soon, I gave up.

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Danarchy said:

What, no Heroes? :(

it's mentioned in there in the other stuff section.

Todd VanDerWerff said:

The last five minutes of Heroes: Ponderous and uneven (though that makes it easy to fast forward through certain characters’ storylines), the series comes to life in its last few minutes with its perfect cliffhangers.

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