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Testing: Command line preview as parsed

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I would like to request a preview option to see how the arguments are being parsed to the selected doom engine. Eg.:
- Engine: jDoom.exe
- Parameters: -iwad %w %f -game jdoom.dll

would show up somewhere (messagebox would be ok) as:
- parsing: d:\doom\doomsday.exe -iwad d:\doom\doom2.wad d:\doom2\mappack01.wad -game jdoom.dll

I have trouble configing a doom port to be used for testing and playing in / through Doombuilder. This would make things easier. It could certainly make clear why some argument need stated between (")'s and some not.

[The doom port I use is Doomsday and it's frontend Snowberry has such a command line preview. This is helpfull for creating custom shortcuts on the desktop for instance.]

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As a workaround, you could use an executable that just echoes its command line while you're setting the parameters, and then switch back to the real one once you've got it right. As it happens, I've got one floating about : you can get it here.

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