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Error wtf?!

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Well this was unexcpected... I am currently doing a vanilla runthrough for old times sake. I completed Ultimate DOOM, DOOMII, and TNT now at Platonia. I was playing Platonia map11, and I got killed and went to load my game for the 8th or so time for that level(yes I'm careless), then the game freezes, and I got a windows message that was like this:

Dwwin.exe –Application Error

The exception Breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached.
(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x7c901230.

Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program

I've NEVER seen this happen before. And it keeps comming up everytime I try to load any of my saves. Does anyone know what this is and how it can be fixed? I really appreciate it.

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Congratulations you found a problem between Doom and NTVDM (the "DOS" in Windows 2000 and XP) and Dr. Watson (dwwin.exe) caught it, and gave you a message. Nothing much to fix or worry about.

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