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My Brainstorm

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Just wanted to post this here because I thought it'll be a waste to let it sit in the bottom of My Documents. Take what you want out of it, and if you don't like it please just let the thread die instead of killing it, ideas could sound stupid but at least it's on topic and it's not attempting to be spam.

My notes: Going with the interpertation of Hell being the Marine's self inflicted punishment, the whole plot is a few chapters that go back and forth between the Marine's past and present battle through E1-E3. The reason why he goes through all that trouble is because he feels guilty about the soldiers he lost in a war he fought when he was younger, which he thinks was by cowardice, and he wants to save the soldiers that went off first into the base, where the Hell he goes through represents that guilt and punishment built inside him. At the end, he ends up at the gates of Dis, ready to be slaughtered by the demons in the city, until he is sent out of Hell by Heaven, a metaphor for his relief of guilt as he believes he did everything he could of done to of saved the soldiers, where he is now out of the physical Hell and his own personal Hell.

Edit to notes: Made it clearer in case people didn't read the brain storm.
Edit 2: Something got messed up in Copy+Paste.

Here's the brain storm:


Hell- Resembles his inner guilt and anger towards himself and his past.

Plot: A man overcome with guilt and self-hatred fights the forces of hell to save humanity, and resolve his guilt.


Prologue: Doom guy has a dream, revealing he fought a brutal war 10 years ago on Earth. We see him lose many of his men in a battle, and see after the battle the brutal slaughter of civilians, prisoners, and innocents by his own men in an act of rage and madness. He is still young in war and overcame with shock and fear he simply sits as chaos brews.

Chapter 1: He wakes up and is told that he arrived. It is revealed that he is now an elite and respected soldier, and that he is to serve as an escort for a Senator as a protest goes on. Earth is in a state of political chaos as poverty, corruption, crime, etc is rampaging the world. The protestors are demanding for the government to stop research on Mars and to reveal more about what is happening. The Civilians get closer and louder, and he is ordered by his superior officer, one of the men that killed the civilians and prisoners in the war, orders them to kill the unarmed civilians. When he refuses the officer ignores him and begins to order the others to kill them, as the officer is about to fire, the Doom guy stops him and kills him in the struggle.
Chapter 2: Doom guy is revealed to of been transferred to Mars as the government doesn’t want the news to get out that soldiers were about to fire on civilians and quietly sends the Doom guy off to Mars where he won’t be able to tell the truth. He is introduced to new characters.
Chapters 3-?

The chaos unfolds, and the plot consists of suspenseful moments, gory action scenes, and flashbacks that reveal more about the character, and why he is going through hell, to resolve his inner anger and guilt. In the end it is revealed that the reason he didn’t just stay at E1M1 was because he thought there were still soldiers alive, and he couldn’t bear to leave any soldiers behind, no matter how obvious it was that they were all dead. At the end, he is relieved that he did everything he could, and proved that he wasn’t a coward and fought for a good purpose. At the gates of Dis after he defeats the boss, he is (Not directly told, assumed to be Heaven’s work) greeted by a portal that allows him to get out, preferably back to Earth and not to E4.

In the end he gets back to Earth where he’ll continue his own personal crusade.

Based off: Rick Rescorla
Born: 2109
Entered War: 2123 (22)
Now: 2145 (36)
Traits: Fearless, as his experience in the war has made him fearless and made him sure not to stop doing the right thing for fear. Tough, the war made him tough, and he will take pain to prevent the pain of others.
Development: Through retrospect and shows his resolve over his guilt after he did everything he could of done.
Past: Look at Prologue.

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