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My first week with the MacBook Pro

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Well, it arrived precisely this moment, one week ago. So far I've been more than satisfied with it. There's a bunch of things about this computer which make it a joy to use. Like the fact it comes back from suspend immediately. I've only rebooted the computer around four times. Despite being a 15.4" model, it's actually very sleek and light - totally unlike my previous laptop. Also it's solid! It looks like I could drop it down a staircase and nothing would happen (actually a friend of mine let that happen to her 17" PowerBook; guess what, nothing happened :P),

My experience with Mac OS X has been pleasant as well. I like the intuitive interface and it's just pretty. The bundled apps, like GarageBand (surprisingly powerful!) and iPhoto, are fun. But what really strikes as impressive is how well integrated the applications can be with each other and how much better than their Windows and *nix counterparts they are, even if they come from a third party (TextMate is THE BEST text editor I've ever seen). It's also really fast and responsive (but then again this has a 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo CPU). So, I don't plan on installing Windows unless I find any app I absolutely want to use that's not available for OS X.

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