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GL slow downs problems

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Sorry to post this here, but I can't find a solution for my own. I had to uninstal and reinstal W98, with it many other things. Everything now runs fine, except that if I run a game that uses GL it runs very slow. If I remove my video card (Ge Force Fx 5200) and use the motherboard video card the game runs fine, but once I put again the newer one, it just terribly slow. I have been tweeking the video card configurations with no success, I don't know what to do. Any tips will be highly apreciated. The same problem happens if I try Heretic II in GL mode (and I guess Q2, but didn't reinstaled it yet).

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Possibly drop back to an older driver? say around the 5x.xx series. that is an older card and these new forceware drivers have been somewhat un-forgiving as of late on older hardware. also make sure your motherboard agp drivers are installed along with that fresh copy of win98.

Edit: You may also want to check that your "primary display" is set to "agp" in your system bios/cmos

or hopefully someone else will have a solution to your problemo..

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-Well, the drivers are the ones that come with the video card, I tried newer ones but they worked bad so rolled back. With these initial drivers Quake 3 used to work before this Windows reinstallation.

-The Second suggestion I'm afroid I can't check out for myself I'll ask my father that handles more these kind of things. Still I suppose they are as the Video card icon apears in the right botton of the screen where I can configurate the card.

-For the third, I feel dumb but can't find the "primary display" options.

Thanks a lot for your time, and I'm sorry for my slowness.

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Well, it may suck but it worked before the reinstallations, so I pretend to make it work again. Also it still runs DOOM 3 and Quake 4 with no lag.

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Vegeta said:

Also it still runs DOOM 3 and Quake 4 with no lag.

heh bullcrap, unless you never seen faster framerate than 35fps in your computer life

(the games run 5-15fps on this card)

You should really replace that with a Radeon 9500pro or 9700 (not 9550 or 9600), it'll do you a world of fps difference

Also in my Win98 days with lots of RAM I constantly had 15 second long hitches in everything.

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Well, I'm not lying, it works for me, even the big open areas of DOOM 3 run smooth (by smoth I mean smooth, not 15 fps). I'd record a video if I knew how to and if this was worth enough. I don't want to continue this, I just want to fix my problem. You obviously have some kind of fascination for video cards(otherwise I don't understand your bad reaction against someone with an older one), good for you if that makes you happy.

For the moment I'll add you to my ignore list, as I don't want to start a flame war for nothing, and I really want to solve this (and you obviously don't have plans to help me).

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