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I am thinking of relase my first wad

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If you wanted more levels but you feel time is running out, then you could release only one or a few of those levels, if you consider any of them good enough.

Just release anything "normally" through newstuff/, not through a "Play this and tell me what you think, if you don't like it don't play it" type of threads. These are seldom welcome unless you're uploading a demo of an upcoming and much awaited/hyped megawad/level.

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Release an small demo something like three maps get feedback on it, or showing some screens is also an good option and maybe the best if your not sure if your maps are good enough.

Personally I like to show screens first to get people's opnions about it, a picture says more than an thousand words :)
Good luck with the project.

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As dutch devil said, it would be a good idea to upload 1 (or 3 like he said) and create a thread or a WIP for your wad.

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