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Little Faith

First genuinely funny Doom themed minigame.

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From the website it appears that this is a work in progress.

The author has already commented upon how there is insufficient incentive for actually putting the kittens into the oven.

You can get quite a lot of points just by getting Expert/Master/Guru spinners and then letting the kittens go to waste.

That said, the bonus for Extra Damage is juicy (You get Extra Damage by repeatedly hammering the kitten into walls before delivering it into the oven), and with a bit of practice it is not that hard to get.

The Long shot (putting the kitten into the oven from a distance) is fairly easy, but it is a drop in the water.

There is also a bonus for getting the kitten into the oven by a rebound on the opposite wall. Hard to get with any consistency.

The is also a fat bonus for successfully preparing and frying the kitten while only touching it once, but only the truly 31337 can count on that one.

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Uber awesome.

300855 atm

The One Touch bonus isn't worth it, getting a ton of spinners and finishing off with a long shot/extra damage combo yields more points.

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