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Error while writing a new Config

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I was editing a ZDoom Config to include the new weapons, monsters, and ammo I created for a wad I'm working on. However, I encountered an error as follows:

Error 457 in LoadMapConfiguration: This key is already associated with an element of this collection
I get it every time I load the wad, or an wad or map using the new config. I'm not certain what the problem is now, as I couldn't find anything that would cause problems (Such as duplicate DoomEdNums, etc.) I'm curious if anyone else may be able to find it?


Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

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I'm only guessing, but these seems to be in error ...

1407 = "Sound Sequence 7";
1408 = "Sound Sequence 8";
1409 = "Sound Sequence 9";
title = "Sound Sequence";
arg1 = "Sound Sequence Number";
14001 = "Ambient Sound 1";
14002 = "Ambient Sound 2";


14063 = "Ambient Sound 63";
14064 = "Ambient Sound 64";
title = "Ambient Sound";
arg1 = "Ambient Sound Number";

note sprite numbers 1411 and 14065. Normally, the title and args go at the beginning, not the end of the group.

EDIT - Just realised that the code is the same in ZDoom_Hexen.cfg file as well so this obviously is not the problem. I tried to delete this post but was denied. :(

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Scanned over the config real quick, noticed only one thing. Line 2645: Not sure if the / is possible in this structure key name.

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I removed the slash and still receive an error. However, I narrowed it down and found that something in the section "weapons" is causing it. Some speculations are that perhaps there is a problem with the replacement BFG and RL or perhaps a DoomEdNum is mistakenly the same as another. I'm going to test these now.

[EDIT] Fixed it. Apparently, some of my weapons had several DoomEdNums that were the same as several prop actors I made. I never originally gave the a DoomEdNum, so I decided to remove those props from the Config. Thanks for the help, though.

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