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Timber's Dominant Onslaught

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Something I've been working on today to kind of get my mind together. . .

The idea is that two teams fight to get ahold of control points, when either team have control of all the CPs that team wins the round. While a team has control of a CP they gain points, at the end of the game (3 rounds) the team with the most points wins.

Control Points cannot be captured unless the one prior to it is under your team's control, making a solid defense as important as offense. To capture a CP you must enter the sector (indicated by the white particle fountains (graphic pending)) and remain in it for 3 seconds. If you leave the sector or an enemy comes into it the CP becomes neutral again.

When your team controls a CP weapons spawn that can't be collected by the enemy however the armor and other powerups can be collected freely.

Each team has a control room that acts as the 'home' control point, it also displays the status of the closest CP and the one in the middle (via camtex).
This map, tittled Hangar (real original, huh?) has 5 total control points. The home CPs, cargo hold CPs and the center CP (pictured). It's designed for about 4-8 players but I guess you could pile in some more. . .

Still pretty WIP, but it's coming together

Anyway, just thought I'd put that out there while I'm busy mulling over just what the hell I'm going to do about some real life problems


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I'm not sure if it's just my monitor, but some of screens look dark. Chances are, it's probably my monitor, I have a really dark one.

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