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Doom in Doom format, or Doom in Hexen format?

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In Zdoom what are the differences between these two formats? Do you lose or gain any key functions in either? Like slopes, or monsters? Hexen was an old fps I think but Ive never played it. I dont want to lose any Doom functionaly. I also need to know witch one is more commonly used. Im trying to slope a ceiling and somehow managed to screw up a map by either swithing formats or adding a slope special (181)tag. Can you swith from doom in doom format to doom in hexen format a bit into a maps construction? Im still getting use to the configurations setteing in Doom Builder, so much of it is still forign to me.

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Hexen format is a full superset of Doom format, i.e. everything you can do in Doom format you can do in Hexen format as well.

When you map exclusively for ZDoom you should always use Hexen format. New features will only be implemented for that and much of the more recent stuff is either nonfunctional or severely limited in Doom format.

The biggest difference between the 2 map formats is the way linedef actions are defined. In Doom format maps you assign a specific type which contains the trigger type and defines the full behavior. In Hexen format a linedef action only sets a type of action which then has to be customized with up to 5 parameters. The trigger type (Walkover/activate/shoot) can also be set separately. This difference can be a little hard for someone used to Doom's way but in the end it's considerably more flexible and allows to define a lot more different actions.

@Blackfish: Some ZDoom specific features can be set in Doom format maps. Logically such maps don't work in other source ports.

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