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How do you merge a level into a another WAD?

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In XWE, open the wad that contains the most data, the wad with two maps in your case and then go to File >> Merge. This will allow you to select a wad to merge into the wad you've opened. The place where it inserts it depends on the lump in the list you have highlighted.

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or you could use deutex / wintex,extract all lumps from both wads and merge the directories together,then edit wadinfo.txt to include all maps and run deutex -make yourwad.wad or direct wintex to make a wad out of the folder containing the wad structure

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You can save maps in to other wads using Doom Builder.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you its called "save map into..." in the File menu in case you don't find it.

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