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I just confirmed an odd glitch in doom builder.

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This may happen in other doom editors as well but this is what I found. The grid displayed in doom builder is smaller than what the red box illustrates. Do this, create a test map and draw a room near the bottom of the grid, then make a hallway that reaches to the other side of the grid, and go into the game and run through the new tunnel. As you get toward the north at some point the walls will lose all clipping ability and everything including you will run right through them.

I noticed this while making my current map when it got just long enough to reach this invisible barrier. I thought of everything I could have done to cause this new northern sector to lose clipping including line of sight being to long, walls being to long, sectors being too big, among other things but couldn't figure it out. No errors were being displayed in the find errors feature of doom builder. You can divide the hallway up into smaller reasonably sized sectors and you will get the same effect! You can even give it a curve or two to divide the line of sight up a bit. I tried lots of things but apparently it wasn't a design flaw on my part but an editor limitation that caused the problem. Anyone ever notice this?

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Like Bloodshedder says, this is a limitation of the Doom engine, more specifically the BLOCKMAP which is used for collision detection. The BLOCKMAP lump will overflow for levels larger than 12000x12000 or so (it depends on how many linedefs are in the map). The node builder should warn you when it overflows (e.g. glBSP warns you), but I don't know if/how DoomBuilder lets you see messages from the node builder.

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