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Every gun is a BFG.

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... or something not unlike a BFG. I'd try to do this myself, but I'm so inexperienced that it's not even funny. Still, think about it for a sec:

Pistol: ?
Shotgun: Christmas BFG
Chaingun: Lightning Gun, from Quake (it'd probably be a bitch to actually implement, though)
Rocket Launcher: BFG 314 (from the movie)
Plasma Gun: BFG 10K from Q3A (only weakened... don't want to outshine the star of the show)
BFG 9K: Uh, BFG 9K!

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The Lightning Gun from quake could alternatively be the BFG2407 from the press release Beta, as it's "doomy". It'd need a new sprite though. The pistol could shoot the red shots from it one at a time

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