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Increasing Visibility?

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Obviously you can change the brightness of a sector, but what I want to do is change the visibility like you can in Duke3d. This means changing the rate that things get darker at a distance as you move away. In doom as well as many other early fps this is Incorporated to make objects farther away harder to see. They eventually did away with it in most fps games. In Duke3d you can turn this off by adjusting the visibility to 240. I personally think this effect is not ideal for large lit areas.

Here is an example

I made a 3d bridge out of sprites on the inside of a large spaceship I made one time in duke3d, and before I turned off the visibility shading the spaceships interior was large enough to see the bridge from a distance, making it look dark and featureless, regardless of how I adjusted the brightness settings. Problem was the area was full of lights and the sprites that made up the bridge also had lights, so it was rather unnatural looking to be so dark. In duke3d Sprites get there visibility properties from there containing sector and when I set the sectors visibility to 240 it looked great. Now in Doom Builder sprites seem to have there own visibility properties and this is good, but Id like to be able to turn the visibility shading off for my large outdoor areas if possible.

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