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One map for TNT: Evilution

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Man, you must really hate TNT, or hate the doomworld community.

In general: there are parts of the map that are quite well done in terms of gameplay, and resemblance of the TNT style (which I franky hate), but mostly it's a big-monster-count mayhem in large, open, abolutely not detailed areas.

Collecting all six keys seems to be a pitiful excuse, for making the player run such long distances between significant places.

I hope this wad isn't something serious.

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Heh, it was a fun and straightforward map. The oldschoolish design didn't really bother me, though it has some issues of it's own.

I'd get rid of the egyptian themed textures, they look really out of place in a techbase. Didn't really know why it was necessary to make the outdoor areas so ridiculously tall, a large but reasonable height would've been more than enough. The base area could use a bit less copy/paste symmetry with all those computer desks. The outdoor area with the spider could definitely use some floor height variation to make it look more interesting. Finally the exit area has sky tiling issues because of it's height. It could also use more monsters, and the exit teleporter should be marked as such.

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