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New beta

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I spent some time on developing XWE, whoever is interested can grab the latest beta. I fixed up a bunch of minor stuff that no-one (including me) noticed (or bothered to point out), such as if you selected multiple entries with CTRL + click, the status bar displayed an incorrect message. Now it displays the correct one, plus the number of entries selected. A few more things:

- XWE tries to identify MP3s and if it can identify them, it plays them.

- Change Type (in the popup menu for the list) works for multiple entries, and it also accepts the type name (e.g. you can type "mus").

- While viewing images, if the keyboard focus was in the second box (the number), +/- did not work.

Like I said minor stuff, but they make things more polished. I'm still waiting for proper bug reports (if you guys find anything).

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