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Question about multiplayer flexibility using Doom Builder

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I have noticed that the things I have explored in "Things Mode", including weapons, monsters, decorations, and more, have options on whether or not they are to be included in deathmatch/coop, and various skill levels. I know this would work for weapons and monsters but I just wanted to make sure that I can also have certain actions occur in multi-player that would not occur in single player, or vice-versa. This Will be very important considering I'm aiming to make this map a single-player and multi-player map. For example lets say in single player I decided I wanted a falling ceiling trap, to attempt to kill the player, and the trap blocks off all the area before that point when doing so. Now this may be ideal for a mission where you may not want the player to be able to go back and get more ammo or whatnot, but in a death match it would be nothing but a nuisance by dividing the fighting area into two the first time somebody triggers the trap. I'm pretty sure this feature exists for actions as well, but I need to be positive so I don't waste my time on a design that wont work in both single and multi-player modes. Thanks

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Unless you're making a WAD for some sophisticated source port, you're out of your luck I guess.

Probably most of the script languages in source ports can determine the game mode you're playing (single-player, coop, deathmatch), but I haven't tried it, nor seen it being used.

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Use a little bit of ACS to determine if the players > 1.

PlayerCount() returns the number of players in the game:

Also you could use this on the "deathmatch" cvar if you want to make it a bit more sturdy:

EDIT: Oops, I guess you can always just use this:


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